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First, the enterprise policy: a first-class team, first-class management, first-class enterprise sustainable development; first-class quality, first-class service, cast known leading brand at home and abroad.

First-class team to foster high quality, professional, strong sense of workforce, gather intelligence and work together, give full play to the initiative and creativity of workers in order to enhance the combat effectiveness of enterprises.

Top management focus on mining, hard skills, management makes full text code for basic management and reengineering, do the rules, the Executive will really benefit from management.

First-class enterprise through the enterprise benefit and social benefit of both, and establish a good corporate image, enhance the credibility and reputation.

Effective control of the quality of first-class quality products, appearance products, structures and power users, both unanimously approved, to the quality of survival, and development.

First-class service to service business throughout the entire process, do a pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, customer satisfaction has been working as a business inspection standards.

Implementing famous brand strategy in the world first-class brand, to culture to promote competitiveness, promote the brand impact of escalating.

Second, the enterprise spirit: never satisfied beyond

Insatiable questions, positive improvement, achievements, not complacent. Pride and satisfaction means losing forward momentum and direction, would have stopped holding the self-styled is not conducive to innovation and development of enterprises. Overcoming inertia, enterprises will have the creative vitality.

Beyond there is no best, only better. Pioneers, they never walked the streets, try someone else tried things. Ding will not lose morale, and will accumulate experience in the success or failure to maintain an optimal state of mind, best energy breakthrough new achievements and new heights.

Third, business goals: brands create a century enterprises major

This is the common goal of every person in your di. By senior leaders to implement the correct strategic decisions through effective implementation of middle managers, through grass-roots support and hard work of the staff, we will firmly move steadily towards this ambitious goal, create the glorious enterprise one by one.

Four, management philosophy: management sentient ruthless implementation of effective incentive systems in place

People-oriented management limited, the effect of humanistic management for staff to become the real masters, always feeling the warmth and caring corporate family, let the staff fully integrated into the enterprise team, full implementation of autonomous management, creating a harmonious management environment.

Effective incentives encouraging employee initiative and creativity into full play is the most effective means to let employees work constantly Gets the respect, recognition and appreciation, so that each employee received varying degrees of a sense of achievement and satisfaction, realization of their value of existence.

System of heartless company policies and procedures, all the staff code of conduct and requirements, regulations and state laws and regulations, is "high tension line", a person found guilty must be punished accordingly, in terms of systems implementation company "strict" lured, bound by norms and employee work behavior of the system.

Execution plans, objectives, directives and regulations alone is far from enough, fully comprehend and implement the company's intentions and policies at the decision-making level, we must strengthen grass-roots implementation of the company, effectively promote the realization of management goal.

Five, staff positions, style: detailed rigorous and efficient

Details determine success or failure. Require each employee to proceed from the details of the company, did not miss small details, the rigorous attitude to work and avoid errors in pursuit of

Efficient work day should be done in an orderly fashion, with a strong sense of responsibility and duty.

Six, employee attitudes: what's wrong with changing the pursuit of progress

What's wrong with changing

Company to forgive people occasionally make mistakes, but must not be allowed to the same employees often make mistakes or commit the same mistake. The wrong change, not just companies give employees correct understanding of the error, an opportunity is to give employees a chance to learn to analyze and summarize, and let our staff immediately went into action to rectify and prevent.

Experience in pursuit of progress in the accumulation of errors and failures and seek to grow, the company gave each employee's rights by "a little progress every day" return on the company's request, it is the obligation of the employee to the company, which is in fact a training for employees of the company, and everyone wins.

Seven, the core values:

Market view

(1) based on customer-oriented, create the market.

(2) nothing we cannot open up the markets, there is nothing.

(3) market and to be same, character (nature) and credibility to speak.

(4) brand is the embodiment of comprehensive strength, strong brand is bound to win the favor of the market.

Quality concept

(1) the nonconformity product, determined not to release.

(2) the consciousness that made sense.

(3) high quality products are the best people to do it.

(4) the product quality to adhere to three principles

① Prevention

② focus on standard operation

③ Auxiliary for quality inspection

Service concept

(1) take the customer as the Center, dedicated to customer service.

(2) sales is a system that is hardware, service software, both are indispensable.

View of talents

(1) the horse than horse racing, horses are racing out of.

(2) the company brain source: 80% enterprise internal training and 20% absorbing outside the enterprise.

3) can reuse talents have three requirements:

① corporate loyalty and enthusiasm

② high cultural and moral quality

③ strong professional ability

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